Privacy Law Compliance
Do you know where your data is?

New Privacy Laws: Data Shock and Customer Loss 

* Upon demand from customer, disclose all information held. 
    All personal identifiers (PII): name, address, email, phone, SSN, etc. 
    All transactional info: purchase and service histories, activities, etc.
* Upon demand from customer, remove all iinfo from all databases. 
    All personal identifiers and all transactional and related history. 
    Removal of customer data includes test and QA Databases. 
* Customer info data loss or theft brings penalties and litigation. 
    Up to $7,500 per customer violation (CA) and class action lawsuits. 
    Data breaches must be identified and customers notified quickly.   
Without knowing what data you have and where it is, you can't effectively protect your data or facilitate compliance with global privacy mandates. 
 Grace Murphy, IBM Security

Privacy Law Data Challenges for Compliance 

* Locating customer information throughout the enterprise.
    Data is often distributed among multiple DBs and platforms.
    Laws apply not just to PII but all transactional data related.
* Tagging metadata once located and aggregating into a Privacy DB.
    Privacy DB becomes the control DB for applications to access.
    Privacy DB can be associated with data sources and destinations.
* Preventing customer data theft by external and internal threats.
    Data theft mitigation can utilize Privacy DB to target high risk.
    Prevention should be governed by business managers, not IT.
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